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Luxury Casino Online Review: Ratings, Deposit Bonus, Promotions

Luxury Casino Online Review: Ratings, Deposit Bonus, Promotions

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Visit the Luxury Casino official website Luxury Cassino official website


Offering the best online casino experience, Luxury Casino is undoubtedly considered to be the most top notch online casino these days. With a massive library of games powered by Microgaming, the website of the online casino is heaven for gambling lovers. Fully licensed in the jurisdiction of Malta, the online casino is basically backed by the Casino Rewards Group. However, when it comes to playing with real money, players from USA are not allowed currently.


Players who love Microgaming games should be pleased to know that Luxury Casino is the best platform for them in order to acquire all exclusive gambling opportunities. Three-reel slots, AWPs and videos slots are available for the convenience of all those players who love slot games. Slot game addicts and progressive game lovers are taken care of by the provision of exclusivefavorites such as Thunderstruck II and Lord of the Rings.

Luxury Casino is known to offer the best table games. A selection from dice tossing, wheel turning and card turning games is available along with different variants of blackjack and roulette. Three card poker, poker pursuit and cyberstud poker are specifically featured for the players of the online casino games.

High end and exceptionally famous games for video poker game junkies have been provided. With a wide range of different variants available, players in Luxury Casino are given full liberty to choose from fast paced multi-hand games, traditional single-hand games as well as progressive based multi-level games. The entire selection of games offered by the online casino is quite worthy of appreciation.


Acquiring assistance in the process of gambling is crucial. Providing exclusive customer support is the top priority of Luxury. The support representatives are available at live chat 24/7.On the other hand, toll-free telephone numbers and the support email address can also be used. Unlike other online casinos, Luxury Casino tends to impressively take complete care of this matter.

Security and Fairness

Players are mostly always concerned about the safety of personal information as well as data where online gambling is concerned. Therefore, Luxury Casino fully focuses on offering the best safety measures. 128-bit SSL encryptions are used on servers in order to prevent the hacking of personal data.

Fair games are also fully guaranteed by the online casino. All measures are taken in order to provide the players with full fairness in the process. They have ensured this by recruiting eCogra to generate monthly reports to the audits of the software used in order to test and ultimately prove that all games are fair.



User Rating-4.74

Powered byMicrogaming, the world’s best online casino software company,Luxury Casino is one-of-a-kind and acts as an online casino platform offering the downloadable and non-download option. Famous game slots for instance baccarat, bingo, roulette, blackjack along with many video poker games are provided along with over 470 other real-money online casino games for the players. The most frequently paying jackpots that are progressive and offered by the Microgaming software include top notch classics such as Mega Moolah, The Dark Knight, Major Millions and many more.
The welcoming bonus after registering at the Luxury Casino is $1,000, which makes all players feel special and brings them more close to winning exclusive gambling rewards and profits. All of this for new members also includes the best casino games online, VIP gaming experience, high end support as well as access to the top loyalty programs in the industry. Players featuring 20 top quality HTML5 mobile games with the latest mobile devices also end up acquiring the sister mobile casino.



– 1st Deposit: Receive 100% – Match up to $150
– 2nd Deposit: Receive 50% – Match up to $200
– 3rd Deposit: Receive 25% – Match up to $300
– 4th Deposit: Receive 50% – Match up to $200
– 5th Deposit: Receive 100% – Match up to $150

For players who do not want to spend a lot in the beginning, the great news is that the minimum deposit is $10 only!



The news of Luxury Casino giving the huge amount of $10,000 to newbie players is absolutely true! Luxury Casino is not only currently offering players with an exclusive sign up bonus which benefits players during the first year but it is also providing players with over 470 highly famous and addictive online casino games.

In order to claim the $1,000 sign up bonus, just take advantage of the match houses mentioned below:-

– Get up to $150 FREE on the 1st deposit with a 100% match bonus.
– Get up to $200 FREE on the 2nd deposit with a 50% match bonus.
– Get up to $300 FREE on the 3rd deposit with a 25% match bonus.
– Get up to $200 FREE on the 4th deposit with a 50% match bonus.
– Get up to $150 FREE on the 5th deposit with a 100% match bonus.

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Blackjack Ballroom Online Review: Ratings, Deposit Bonus, Promotions

Blackjack Ballroom Online Review: Ratings, Deposit Bonus, Promotions

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Visit the Blackjack Ballroom official website Blackjack Ballroom official website

For an online casino that offers exclusive blackjack, Blackjack Ballroom is undoubtedly the best. It offers much more than only blackjack and has been created by Microgaming for the purpose of providing a massive range of different games. The Casino Rewards Group is behind its creation and has been running it from so many years, and that is what makes it so highly professional. When it comes to legal issues and licenses in Kahnawake, they are currently fully licensed there and right now are not being able to offer high end games to players from USA.

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Individuals who are fond of slot will particularly enjoy using Blackjack Ballroom. They offer a wide range of various online games to select from and hence, they are known are the best Microgaming casino gaming providers. Players are offered with a lot of high end bonus rounds as well as animations in the massive variety of games slots which they tend to offer via video slots. In the same window, three-reel slots and AWP games can also be easily used.

People who have a thing for table games, using Blackjack Ballroom will only offer them much more than they expect. The overall variants of roulette and blackjack are enough to cover a huge amount of pages which really is impressive, as it is a lot more than the casino’s libraries combined. Moreover, high quality animation in card and poker games along with dice games is likely to be experienced.

Video poker is also an essential part of the Blackjack Ballroom game library. As Microgaming is a high end casino software company, the high end selection of games is surely to be expected. Single-hand, multi-hand power poker and multiplier-based level up poker are the options available for players to choose from. All of these arrive with various variants and some really are immensely unique.


In accordance with international standards, Blackjack Ballroom stands out in customer service. The reason behind this is the fact that they offer 24/7 live chat support. Because of this exclusive feature, players end up acquiring all essential information within a couple of minutes only. An email address and toll-free telephone access is also offered to players from different countries.

Security and Fairness

The number one concern of Blackjack Ballroom is safety online, which they fully ensure. The 128-bit SSL encryption technology tends to safeguard all financial information that Blackjack Ballroom receives. Moreover, an effective industry standard firewall protects the server of Blackjack Ballroom.

Independent mathematicians at eCogra have been hired to ensure that the game is fair and not cheated at all times. Monthly reports from them can be found at the bottom of the casino page under the ‘eCogra safe & fair’ link. These reports tend to reveal the percentages for all games in the previous month as well as their overall fairness.


Blackjack Ballroom offers Blackjack, Video Poker as well as Vide Slots since 2000. It is powered by the famous Microgaming software.

Blackjack Ballroom Casino Bonus Review

Rating:  4.5 / 5


Bonuses and Promotions
The free hour promotion which has become popular online has become a personal favorite of Blackjack Ballroom Casino. An hour in which bankroll of $500 can be used for free is being offered by them. A bonus can be claimed equal to all profits made after that one hour time period, when the money exceeds $500. However, in the case of not being able to make profit, individuals can instead skin the wheel randomly, after which they will be randomly awarded with an exclusive profit which is pretty good on its own.

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Casino action Online Review: Ratings, Deposit Bonus, Promotions

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Visit the Casino Action official website Casino Action official website


With a unique gold and black theme, Casino Actions stands out as an exclusive online casino. The online casino is powered by one of the most famous software company online known as Microgaming. With years of excellent service, it is important to know that the online casino is a major part of the Casino Rewards Group. In the jurisdiction of Malta, Casino Action holds a fully legal license. However, US players cannot use the online casino currently.


People who love game libraries are going to find the biggest ones in Casino Action. The range of Microgaming slots provided is exceptionally impressive. From slot games, playing AWPs, three-reel slots and video slots is possible for the players. Highly famous games such as Thunderstruck II and Lord of the Rings can be found in the video slot selection. Basic one-payliners and multi-line games are the ones which are available with bonus features for classic slot players. Individuals interested in arcade style games are recommended to go for the AWPs.

For people who love table games, these are surely the one for them. Variants of roulette and blackjack are available as well. Moreover, all games ranging from most popular to the least can be played. The online casino has added everything from Poker Pursuit to Craps and even Baccarat.

Casino Action is undoubtedly the best online casino for everyone who loves video poker games. Variants such as SupaJax, Better, and Jacks are available for the players to choose from. For denominations, Single-hand, Multi-hand power poker Level-up poker are available in games.


People who have been gambling online should be aware of how essential it is to get the answers to questions instantly. Casino Action offers 24/7 live chat support in order to provide the utmost assistance to the players. Apart from exclusive customer service, they also have provided people from all over the globe with a support email address and toll-free telephone numbers.

Security and Fairness

Online protection is necessary, and Casino Action gives the matter the most significance. Therefore, the casino tends to keep its networks secured at all times. They achieve high end security through the usage of 128-bit SSL encryption, which basically safeguards all the information sent to the casino by the players. Afterwards, a rock solid firewall protects the information once the casino receives it.

All players are highly concerned with game fairness. The fact that games can be unfair is really not the case in Casino Action since it completely ensures it. This is proven by the ‘Safe and Fair’ link which is available at the bottom of the website. eCogra tends to take care of the matter by providing a Safe & Fair report in order to showcase the fairness as well as percentages of previous month’s payments. The report also reveals that all results are random.

Sign up Bonus

As far as sign up bonuses go, Casino Action is offering one of the most exclusive ones. Individuals are given a $1250 casino bonus right away after registering for free in order to play after choosing from a wide selection of the best online casino games. This gives the newbie players to play without any risk by using the casino’s bonus money in the first hour. Whether players decide to bet low or high, it is all the same as they will be given money by the casino to play free games. All jackpots and profits won by the players will be solely owned by them.


User rating: – 4.5/5

$1250 casino credits provided with 60 minutes of free play to try out the casino games.

However, the bonus cannot be cashed, but the profits from the bonus are cashable if they go up to $150 and with $50 going for the first deposit after all the rules have been fully met.
The best part is that everything on top of the original $1250 won by the players will be kept by them, and the maximum limit goes up till $150.
For players, 20 bets and $20 have to be won after the $1250 bonus during the entire hour for the purpose of qualifying in order to transfer the winnings.
For acquiring detailed information and verification regarding terms and condition, bonus rules, game exclusions and wagering requirements, direct contact with Casino Action is recommended.

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